Solar energy has certainly grown in the automobile industry. With recent records, the trend does not look to be declining anytime soon. In 2020, there was a 43% increase in the demand for electric vehicles, despite the decline in the sales of cars. At 1 Stop Solar, one of the leading solar companies in Florida, we have also seen firsthand how the solar industry, and how the electric vehicle industry continues to display incredible resilience. But the big question is: What is responsible for this growth? Why are electric vehicle owners in Florida switching to solar power? Our team has outlined the answers in this article!

How Electric Vehicle Owners In Florida Are Saving Through Solar Power

As solar energy continues to become more popular, the demand for electric vehicles continues to soar. Why? Instead of using electricity to charge their cars, most vehicle owners now use solar energy. Most electric car owners are now discovering that when they charge with solar power, they save more money. In Florida, for example, most homes with efficient solar energy generate more energy through their solar panels instead of depending on electricity. Thus, car owners who use solar power to charge their cars save more on utility bills than vehicle owners who charge using an electric grid. With this drastic reduction in expenses, more electric vehicle owners now turn to solar power.

Storing Energy When The Sun Is Out 

The sun will not always be out; it won’t always supply the power needed to keep a car running! But this does not mean you would be left grounded until the sun is available. Vehicle owners who consult solar companies can store excess power and use it when the sun is not out. What makes this possible is the storage vault. The storage vault allows homeowners with solar systems to store energy from the sun and use the vehicle when there is a power outage. If you own an electric vehicle, before you switch to solar power, inform your installer about the number of appliances you have, plus the number of electric cars you own. This will help installers know the number of panels required to efficiently power your home, leading to increased savings on electricity.

More Economical And Eco-friendly

Most building owners have now realized that solar power is more economical and eco-friendly. Audi Seattle, for example, consistently seeks ways to limit overhead cost and has pledged unalloyed support for a sustainable power supply. As we continue to experience a continuous demand for solar power, we can anticipate a significant impact on the electric vehicle industry. We would not even be surprised to see more vehicles go solar in the coming years!

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