To reap the full financial benefits of solar panel systems, you’ll need to install more than one solar panel. So, how many solar panels do you need? While the answer isn’t often easy, certified engineers and technicians at 1 Stop Solar in Florida have unveiled the answers in this article. Do you want to start your project right away? Call us now!

How Many Solar Panels Do You Need?

First, you should be able to identify your goals. That is, you must be able to figure out why you are installing solar energy. You have to ask yourself:

  • Am I installing solar panels to reduce my carbon footprint?
  • Am I installing solar panels to maximize my ROI (Return On Investment)?
  • Am I installing it to save money?

Most people using solar panels today do it to save on bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Well, after finding answers to these questions, there’s still more to do. You must figure out the amount of energy your home utilizes, the areas on your roof to use for solar energy, the wattage, the effectiveness of the PV (Photovoltaic) panels you are considering, and the peak sunlight and climate in your region. And lastly, you’ve got to confirm the availability of net metering.

In simple terms, you need to ask your proposed installer all these questions. These installers are the best to figure out the output of solar panels you are installing and the number of panels you will need. Interestingly, you can’t go wrong with our technicians.

Calculating Your Home’s Average Energy Demand

If you want to find out your home’s average energy demand, check your previous utility bills. Multiply your home’s hourly energy demand by the maximum sunlight hours in your region and divide it by the panel’s wattage. It will give you the number of solar panels you need. If you speak with our experts today, you won’t have to trouble yourself with these calculations. Our experts will do them for you! However, to have an idea, here are some vital questions to ask:

  • What’s the number of watts you use?
  • How many hours of sunlight can I get?
  • What influences solar output efficiency?
  • Does the size of solar panels count?

Our Verdict

Finding answers to these questions will give you the exact number of panels you’ll need to generate energy. After getting confirmation from a solar installer, what is next? Professionals will assess your roof architecture to know the best way to arrange panels to achieve your energy production goals. Want to verify the amount of money you’ll save going solar? You can use an online solar calculator.

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