Something to consider as you install solar panels, is the removal when the roof needs repair. The question is valid! You are making the leap to invest in solar paneling and you want to make sure you’re aware of what you’re signing up for. For example, if you’re purchasing a costlier roof repair job, it’s important to know how removing your solar panel or replacing them will cost you. Stop Solar has the answers you need in regards to your solar panel repair all over the state of Florida. Don’t wonder anymore, let’s address this.

Solar Panel Repair

Most hardware that comes with solar panels includes a simple, straightforward method of mounting systems. A basic hand tool will fix the panel to the roof with no issues. This also makes removing the panels a lot faster and easier than you might imagine. The complete panel removal though will take a bit more time before your roof is even underway for repairs. However, this is a minor step for most roofing professionals and solar installers. It will not delay the process of repairing the roof.

The process of removing the panel is a two-wire cable that runs along to the inverter (or junction) box and is easily detached using a waterproof termination connector. This will also reduce time required to remove the panels and store it safely. 

The Cost and Maintenance

With the panel removal and traditional roof repair, let’s compare that with having the panels installed in the first place. Even with the liberal cost estimates, we find that the amount of money saved on electricity bills compensates for the marginal fee that might be charged by the roofer. The money saved, in most cases, is about 20% or more! 

However, with these things considered, if you have the chance to get your roof repaired before solar panels, it’s recommended you do so. 

Solar panels also need very little maintenance. The occasional cleaning and removal of dirt, leaves, or other debris, make sure your panels are still getting the sun’s rays. Any more extensive removal may be during heavy snowfalls and the panels energy output is decreasing. 

If your panels are tilted, the rainfall will clear away the debris and during the dry season, it’s still important to clean them manually. It is recommended to maintain them at least between two to four times in a given year. The great news is that the maintenance of solar panels requires very little work.

Contact Us With Your Questions!

Stop Solar has the expert advice and guidance to solar panel repair in the state of Florida. We have you covered with the needs and maintenance of your energy saving equipment. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions if you’re wondering about repairs. Good panels also include warranty, so if you do need repair, we can make sure you’re saving money and not handing over thousands of dollars. We guarantee that your panels’ energy remains in perfect working condition the entire time. 

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