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Best Solar Panels in Florida 

Living in Florida, if you still don’t have solar panels installed in your house or on your site, you are not efficiently optimizing and using the sunny weather of Florida to your advantage. When it comes to solar energy is a renewable energy source, but it is also a cleaner and greener source that helps protect the environment. In addition to being environmentally friendly, solar energy is also pocket friendly.

The solar panels generate energy for you, and you do not have to fret over paying hefty energy bills. At 1 stop solar, we have taken into account the fast gaining popularity of solar energy and have dedicated ourselves to providing our clients with the best solar panels in Florida.

How Solar Works

How Solar WorksYour system starts its day, producing power as the sun rises. If more power is being consumed than produced, your home may draw additional power from the grid.

How Solar WorksYour system starts its day, producing power as the sun rises. If more power is being consumed than produced, your home may draw additional power from the grid.

How Solar WorksYour system starts its day, producing power as the sun rises. If more power is being consumed than produced, your home may draw additional power from the grid.

Learn About Solar Power From A “Solar Company Near Me

The sun shines at different intensities throughout the day. Likewise, your solar energy is converted at different rates throughout the day. Generally, as the sun rises and falls, your solar panels will be producing less solar energy for use, and will need to draw from another source, so that your home is fully functioning no matter what. In the afternoon, when the sun is at its zenith and has been converting sunlight for hours, it is likely producing more energy than your home actually needs at that moment. This energy will be sent back to the grid for nearby neighbors to use, or can be saved for later use (ask about our solar storage options). And, of course, at night, when there is no sunlight, your panels will not be at work at all.
This is how a solar panel system works on a typically sunny day. As longtime Florida residents know, however, the Sunshine State isn’t always sunny. Summers host frequent storms and cloudy afternoons, which can alter the rates at which your panels collect and convert sunlight for your home or business’ use. Over time, growing tree branches can extend in the way of your roof’s panels, blocking sunlight. Each property has its own specific solar situation that requires the assessment of experts before installation.
Check out this quick overview on how your Solar Panel System works throughout the day!


1 Stop Solar has been a part of the solar industry for enough years to know all about the best technology and solutions that can be used to get the most out of your solar panels. Learn all about how your solar panels work at different times of day and what you can do to enhance your home’s usage of clean energy from the best “solar company near me”. We serves commercial and residential Solar services to clients throughout Florida— Call Now!

What Is Solar Energy, And How Can It Benefit You

When it comes to Florida, there is a high frequency of the number of sunny days prevalent throughout the year. However, during the day, the intensity of this sunshine varies. For this reason, the solar energy stored in the panels is converted at different rates depending on the intensity of the sunshine. 

For a better understanding, we can assume that since the intensity of sunshine is lesser during the times when the sun is rising and falling, therefore, the conversion rate of the solar panels will also be lower at these instances. However, this does not mean that the amount of energy provided to your home or site will also fluctuate throughout the day. When the intensity of sunshine is higher solar panels can store an excess amount of energy which is then provided to the households during instances where the intensity and the conversion rate is lower. 


As the sun rises your panels’ photovoltaic cells get to work converting all the sunlight they can get. Since the light is dimmer earlier on, however, your home may require more energy than is being produced by the panels themselves at this moment.
Therefore, your home will need to draw from another source– either the traditional power grid or from a solar storage device that has saved excess energy from the previous day.


The longer the sun is out, and the less cloud cover there is, the more sunlight your panels will be able to convert into power. Often, on a typical bright and sunny day, your panels will likely produce more power than is needed by your house, in which case it must be sent elsewhere. It can either go to a power bank for your own later usage, or to the grid to supplement your neighbors’ energy usage.


Finally, evening hits and the sun is no longer perched in the sky giving off convertible rays of energy. Your home will therefore require power from the grid once again, or from your power bank that charged throughout the day.

Installing Solar Panels

Regardless of the number of sunny days in Florida, there’s also stormy weather and cloudy days. The sun does not shine, and the weather tends to take a turn for the worse. During these instances, solar panels will use their pre-stored energy to provide households with a continuous energy supply.

When it comes to installing solar panels, it is not as simple as just buying the panels and placing them in an area with constant access to sunlight. Instead, before the solar panels are installed, there needs to be a complete assessment of the location where the panels will be installed. It is highly recommended that you get a team of experts to do this assessment since they have many experiences in the relevant field.

At one stop solar, our team of professionals is highly equipped to efficiently decide where to place the solar panels and install them most efficiently so that you do not have to worry about running out of energy supply! Furthermore, we carefully analyze the different spots in your house or your site before deciding the most optimum spot for solar energy production.

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