Are you ready to power your home with solar energy? You are in the right place! What can you expect from the solar company Sarasota locals swear by? In this article, Stop Solar in Florida will take you through the details on how solar energy works and the installation process. Do you need solar panels Sarasota locals trust? Call us now!

What To Expect From Solar Company Sarasota Locals Swear By

Solar energy is a great way to go green and save money. But they are only effective if they are properly installed. When it comes to solar installation, reputable companies use only quality solar equipment and solar panels. If you contact Stop solar for your solar panel installation, you can be guaranteed quality installation that wouldn’t lead to fires or failures. Ready to invite our professionals for your solar installation now? Let’s find the number of solar panels you need.

The Number Of Solar Panels Needed To Power Your Home

There are two ways to know the number of solar panels your home needs. First, you will have to examine all appliances in your home that use power. Two, you can also get a good clue from your utility bill. Your utility bills can tell you about the number of watts needed. When you go through your utility bill, you will spot KWH (Kilowatt-hours). Kilowatt-hours vary from location to location. To calculate your solar requirements, you will need to find the average daily power usage. Once you can figure out your daily needs, you will know the amount of wattage required to run your home.

Peak Sunlight Hours- When in direct sunlight, solar panels generate energy. When the sun sets and gets dim, they don’t produce energy. Peak sunlight hours are those hours your solar panels spend under direct sunlight. To find a range of what your home needs, multiply your peak sunlight hours by your home’s energy usage, then divide it by the wattage of the solar panel. Interestingly, if you hire a reputable solar company, they can help you with this calculation.

Types Of Solar Panel Systems

There are three various types of solar panel systems. These include off-grid, grid-tied with battery backup, and grid-tied systems. Let’s briefly take a look at them.

  1. Off-Grid System- The off-grid system isn’t connected to the utility grid. The system is only connected to a battery bank and a home. This battery bank is established to keep producing power for the home 24 hours a day.
  2. Grid-Tied With Battery Backup- This solar system is connected to a house and utility grid. Nevertheless, it comes with a battery bank. When the panels generate electricity from the sun, excess power is stored in the battery banks. After the sun has set, the power in the battery bank can then be used.
  3. Grid-Tied System- This is the most common type of solar system. They are often used in residential buildings. They are tied directly to the utility system and home. This allows a homeowner to switch from either the utility system or the solar system.

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