Are you looking to make the change to renewable energy? Commercial solar panels are becoming a popular trend in the marketplace recently as more people have a growing concern for the environment. The good news is that as technology advances, the cost of materials for panels has decreased, so making the switch to solar panels has become more affordable than ever. 1 Stop Solar is the top supplier of solar panels Florida homeowners and companies need. As you do your research on solar panels, you’ll surely come across several tips. Here are four important considerations to keep in mind when evaluating solar panels. 

Why Should I Get Commercial Solar Panels?

Looking for ways to lower your utility costs? A recently popular and more affordable method is to install solar panels. These highly efficient solar systems draw renewable energy from the sun to bring you solar energy. Using solar energy instead of drawing electricity from the grid can lower your utility costs helping you save money. In many cases, when there is a surplus of solar energy, it feeds itself back into the grid, which means you can even have a credit on your bill. Also, the government offers incentives for solar panel installation.  

Degradation Rate And Durability

When evaluating which panels you should buy, there are many things to consider. We’ll discuss the four key things to keep in mind: degradation rate, durability, warranty, and performance. As with everything else, the efficiency of solar panels decreases over time. Degradation rate and durability should be checked before purchasing and installing panels. These are significant business investments, so you want to ensure that they provide consistent performance for as long as possible. You can research the history of the panels to get an idea of how long they should last. You can also ask questions such as:

  • What features or designs are included for protection against harsh weather and temperature conditions?
  • What are the average degradation rates for solar panels?
  • What is the history of failure for the solar panel you’re evaluating?

We can help answer these questions and help you find the best solar panels Florida can give. 

Warranty And Performance

Two more important considerations are the warranty and performance of the solar panels. How are the performance reviews for the solar panel? What will affect it? How long does the warranty last? What replacement, repair, servicing offers are included? What does the process look like? It’s crucial to look at all these factors before purchase to ensure ease later if a problem arises. Time is money for your company, and you dont want to waste it on a complicated warranty procedure. 

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It may seem overwhelming with all the questions to address. We can make this process convenient for you! What are you waiting for? Start saving money now. Get a quote for the commercial solar panels best fit for your company. We are the top supplier of solar panels Florida homeowners love. 1 Stop Solar, the one-stop company for all your solar needs in Florida- contact us today!

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