With climate change becoming an issue on the front of everyone’s mind, many people in Florida are looking for new methods of lowering their carbon footprint. Some homeowners are beginning to install solar panels on the roofs of their homes, and others are choosing to purchase electric vehicles. 

While both of these purchases are great individually, they do even more to lower energy consumption when you put them together! To learn more information about the advantages of combining electric vehicles with the best solar panels, visit 1 Stop Solar online today.

How Electric Vehicles And Solar Energy Save Homeowners Money

Unlike traditional cars that run on gasoline, electric vehicles run on electricity and need to be plugged into an outlet to charge. While homeowners who use conventional energy may experience high energy costs due to charging their electric vehicles, people with solar panels can offset this cost! The solar energy produced by these panels can charge your vehicle to keep it running for a much lower price per month, leading to serious savings on an annual basis.

In most cases, electric cars will use just 25 kWh of solar energy per 100 miles driven. With the average national cost per kWh at just $0.13, you’ll only spend $0.03 on electricity for every mile you drive! While electric vehicles can lower your carbon footprint and provide cost savings on their own, combining them with solar energy will take your eco and economic savings to the next level.

Solar Energy Provides Commercial Benefits

In addition to providing homeowners with energy and cost-saving benefits, solar energy can be very advantageous to those who own electric car dealerships. All of the electric vehicles at a dealership have to be charged and ready for a test drive at any time. With traditional electricity, this can use a significant amount of energy every single day. However, using solar panels to charge a fleet of electric vehicles won’t cost nearly as much, and will create a significantly lower carbon footprint for the business.

Why The World Is Moving Toward Sustainable Energy

According to insights from the Solar Energy Industries Association, solar panels accounted for over forty percent of new electricity-generating capacities in the last half of 2020. With the electric vehicle industry experiencing similar levels of growth, it’s clear that people are realizing the benefits of using clean energy. Even during a global pandemic, people understand the importance of using clean energy to lower their carbon footprints.

Solar energy is excellent because it can be stored and used during times when the sun’s not shining, during peak demand hours, or when there are traditional power outages. If you’d like to reduce your energy consumption and save money on electricity, this is a great place to begin.

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Solar energy and electric vehicles are both great ways to go green, and when you combine the two, the benefits cannot be understated. To learn more about the advantages of charging your electric car with solar energy in Florida, contact 1 Stop Solar today!

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