Going solar is a great incentive. But many questions arise before installing such expensive systems in your home; One of the biggest questions is, between ground mount or roof-top solar power system, which one should you opt for? Well, 1 Stop Solar will tell you all you need to know about what Florida solar power system would be the best for your home. We have the best solar power specialist who can help you switch to the most affordable and efficient solar system.

With the Florida solar incentives, people can go on and install any solar power system offered to them. Still, before taking any steps, it is vital to know some basic know-how about the different kinds of installation and their advantages. There are generally two installations of the solar system: one is roof-top mounted, and the other is ground mount.

Roof-top mount solar system;

The roof-top mount is a common type of installation. In this, the solar power system is installed on top of the roofs of the houses. The solar panels are attached to a flat or sloping roof. Roof mount solar power systems come with many benefits; they are more cost-effective and cheaper to install .They are a great choice when you do not have enough ground space and wouldn’t hinder the land space that could be utilized for other activities. They also utilize the space on the roof that otherwise would’ve been of no use, and no unauthorized person can be able to access it. Much to the surprise, Tesla solar roof Florida is also in demand currently. So it is preferable to lease a Tesla solar roof in Florida as the customers wouldn’t even be subjected to state commission regulation.

Ground mount solar system:

The ground mount is when the solar panels are placed on the ground surfaces to face the sun in the most suitable way. However, these mounts require an open area like a parking lot or garden, etc. Ground Mount solar installations are a good choice especially for those who can spare a room for these large Florida solar systems. One significant benefit of this system is that it is easily accessible, giving you better access to it. These Florida solar ground mounts can be installed facing anywhere and at different levels, making it an excellent alternative for someone with less roof space.

Which Solar Power system is preferable?

Every solar power system has its pros and cons; however, choosing the right one depends on your usage ability and preference. Utility, maintenance, efficiency are factors on which the determination of the better choice for you depends.

Opt for a ground mount solar power system if you are a residential homeowner or have small roofs and cannot get a solar power system. Sometimes there are many hindrances like chimneys, vents, skylights, or shades, and sometimes there are roofs that do not have a proper structure, resulting in losing some efficiency.

However, if you do not have enough room on your ground, then a roof-top mount is the better choice, as installing these Florida solar power systems would lose you some space and be prone to be damaged by anyone. Ground mounts are also expensive in comparison to roof-top mounts.

Both the solar power systems are great; however, choose the more suitable one for you and your pocket.

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