Is your wallet suffering from chronically high energy bills? “Stop using so much energy then!” Some may advise. The problem is that the only thing worse than paying abnormally high energy bills is feeling uncomfortable in your own home. If you are a victim of sweltering heat and humidity in Florida and can’t get comfortable, there are options other than running the AC all day. At 1 Stop Solar, we have compiled a short list of 5 creative ways you can save energy and stay cool during the hot months. Keep reading for your wallets sake! 

Save Energy With Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans use substantially less energy and are fantastically good at circulating the air in your room. Try turning on the fan instead of blasting the AC all day. It will help save energy by bumping up the temperature on your thermostat. This will help decrease the amount of time your AC is running at full power throughout the day, thus saving you money!

Quarantine Your Hot Rooms

No one wants to hear the word quarantine after 2020, but it may just be the perfect answer to your energy bill woes. Rooms that are equipped with more than one external wall will be hotter because the room is exposed to more sunlight. If you don’t have a reason to use these sweltering rooms during the day, give your AC a break and seal them off from the rest of the house. Shut the air vents and put a rolled towel in the slot under the door. It will save you lots of energy. 

Keep Your Windows Open At Night

Open your windows and feel the cool air when you go to bed. The cool breezes at night will do a lot of the work required to sustain a comfortable temperature. To maximize the benefit, use a fan to circulate the cold air throughout the room. Take it from an experienced Florida solar installer, this will bring your energy bill down quick.  

Avoid Cooking Indoors

When you use your stove and oven, they emit a lot of heat into your home. If you can, use your outdoor grill to cook. It will keep the heat out of the kitchen and save you substantially on energy costs for the month. 

Call a Solar Installer

There’s a lot of sunlight in Florida, so why not switch to solar power? Panels reduce the heat transferred through your roof, so you’ll not only be helping the environment but saving money on cooling costs as well. Imagine generating your own electricity while using less energy to stay comfortable!

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You can save on energy costs by implementing these easy and creative tips in your Florida home. For more information on our solar panel installer, contact 1 Stop Solar today. Since the moment of our establishment, we have sought to provide exemplary customer service to the good people of the community. We have years of experience and a reputation for excellence, so why not give us a call or visit and save money now!

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