Converting your Florida home’s energy source from electric to solar is smart, cost-effective, and good for the environment. But if it’s your first go at green living, you may feel you need help getting your setup just right. The professionals at 1 Stop Solar can help you size your solar battery system so that you can save money without skimping on energy consumption.


Your Solar Battery System Should Meet Your Energy Demand

The first step in sizing your Florida solar panels is to estimate how much energy your household uses. If you currently use energy from “the grid,” you can easily make this estimate by contacting your current energy provider. This estimate will then serve as the target energy goal for your equipment to collect and store for future use. Unlike conventional electric energy sources, the sun’s rays are not consistent from day-to-day; on cloudy days and in the wintertime, the sun emits less solar energy. During the summer and on days with full sun, there is much more solar energy at your disposal. Size your solar array to meet your energy demands, giving yourself a bit more than you think you may need. Use a back-up battery system to reserve the sun’s fluctuating energy and thereby capitalize on your solar array. 


Custom-Fit Your Battery To Meet Your Target Energy Amount

When it comes to solar batteries, one size does not fit all. Depending on where you live and how much energy you consume, you may need to increase your battery bank size to ensure the lights don’t go out. For instance, suppose your peak power time (when you consume the most energy) is at night, with no sun rays in sight. In that case, you’ll want to ensure your battery bank is large enough to store your peak power energy needs without going into overload and potentially short-circuiting. Always estimate generously and give yourself a buffer for your energy needs; it’s better to have an excess of power than a deficit in the case of an emergency. Don’t waste any of the energy your Florida solar panels catch; upgrade your battery to harness all that Sunshine State solar power! 


Relish In Your Smart Investment

Solar energy is the way of the future, and thankfully it’s been around long enough to experience significant technological advancement. Currently, a solar lithium-ion battery lasts for over 20 years and requires no maintenance. Solar batteries outlast and outperform generators, and the solar panels Florida residents install usually increase a home’s value.


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If you’re ready to switch to solar energy or if you need help customizing your solar battery system, reach out to 1 Stop Solar. Our team of energy experts are eager to help you with all aspects of your home’s solar setup so that your household can enjoy the power of the sun all day and all night. 


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