Solar electricity is a safe and environmentally friendly way to light up your home or business. If you desire solar power, but you lack the requisite capital, you might want to consider the option of solar panel leasing. However, this doesn’t solve the financial issue as you might end up paying more than you expect. Solar companies make lots of profit from solar panel leasing, and these companies won’t tell you the secret. 1 Stop Solar offers Florida residents the best solar panels. Read on to learn more about what solar companies may not tell you about solar leasing.


Solar Companies and Zero Cash Down

It is often expensive to buy solar panels, and most people resort to solar leasing. However, you should know that an attractive zero cash down loan offer is available to access solar panels for your roof. A zero cash down is different from solar leasing as you are not required to make any upfront payment. It is easier for residents in the US to get zero Cash down solar panels if they meet the necessary criteria.


One of the advantages of zero down to leasing is that you receive an exciting cash incentive while also owning the solar panels once the payment is complete. This will help you have an asset on your rooftop without breaking the bank. Those who intend to sell their property will benefit as solar panels increase the property’s value. Once you are done paying off your loan, you will receive the utility savings as well as non-taxable income.


Repairs and Maintenance

Aside from choosing the best solar panels for you, solar companies also handle the repair and maintenance aspects. This is a wise decision compared to buying the panels yourself, as you might not effectively perform repair operations on the solar panel. Solar panels bought from reputable companies like 1 Stop Solar comes with a long term warranty of quality, which should be trouble-free for a long time. The only maintenance expected from you is to hose the panels down if rain doesn’t fall for a while.


Leasing is not a wise financial decision as we all know that it costs more in the long run to lease something than paying for an item upfront. In solar leasing, the price difference is quite startling and represents a poor financial decision. You can do the calculation yourself, but comparing the cost of a 20-year solar panel lease without getting anything at the end to someone that purchases with a loan, the loan makes more sense. Your answer will shape your decision on the best deal to make regarding purchasing the best solar panels for your home and offices.


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