While you are looking to install solar energy, your reasons will determine the number of solar panels you need. The total solar power required and the type of solar companies contacted are just a few factors that will play an essential role in the final number of solar panels you will finally install in your home.


Other relevant factors to consider are:

  • The size of your household determines the amount of energy used per hour.
  • The size and type of roof you have.
  • The climate of the area in question.
  • Other purposes of solar power, security, machinery use, etc.

There are many uses of Solar Power, just like electricity. People who need solar power would like to replace it with expensive traditional electricity. Solar power is cheaper after the initial installation process; hence no future monthly electricity bills. This will maximize the returns of any investment. Other people, especially environmentalists, look into using solar power to impact the environment positively. It is by maximum usage of readily available solar energy.


The Solar Power Energy Required

Your aim of accessing solar power and how you intend to use it will help you understand the number of solar panels you need. To determine the amount of solar energy your household requires, you need to go through previous utility bills.

Get the amount of power required by multiplying an average of the past household’s energy used per hour by the amount of peak sunlight hours available in your area. Then divide this outcome by each solar panel’s wattage. The amount of sunlight accessible in your area and how well you store the battery play a significant role in this matter.


Effect of Sunlight

Each solar system installed is unique in its power output properties. However, the amount of sunlight hours to each location affects all solar panels. Orlando, for example, is located in Florida, which people have nicknamed the sunshine state. This means Orlando accesses a good amount of peak sunlight. Thus it is very suitable for its homeowners to consider investing in solar panels. To convert your power usage into watts, you can multiply the results of the earlier calculation by 1000. You will know the number of solar panels you need by dividing the power required per hour in wattage by the confirmed number of peak sunlight hours.


Solar Panel Sizes

The sizes of solar panels vary but not to a large extent. Averagely, a solar panel is 65 inches long and 39 inches wide. You will need to contact an expert from your preferred solar company so that they can give you the exact number of solar panels you require. They will also do the above calculations, observe the size and structure of your roof, and consider other factors. A typical household of 5 in Orlando will need between 25 to 30 solar panels to cover all their electricity uses. For a home that averagely uses 10 400 kWh. The estimated solar panels are the regular-sized 250 watts’ solar panels.


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You are well equipped and have a rough idea of the number of solar panels to expect with the above knowledge. You can always get in touch for further clarification and assistance.

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