Solar Panel installation has become increasingly popular in Florida, considering the sunny weather and overall favorable conditions for energy generation through solar power. However, sometimes people shy away from installing solar panels in their homes or workplaces because they believe the costs are too high. At 1 Stop Solar, we have made the cost of solar panels in Florida affordable without making any sort of compromises on the quality of our work.

In this article, we have tried to dig deeper into the costs associated with solar panel installation in Orlando, Florida. The purpose is to help you better understand how much you need to spend on your solar panel system before you decide about opting for solar energy or not.


Costs Associated with Solar Panel Installation Orlando

Several factors are responsible behind the cost of this project. Understanding the details of these costs and how you can play around with some of the variables can help you devise a solar panel installation plan aligned with your pocket. With the increasing popularity of solar panels, there has been a surge in the manufacturing of solar panels, and the solar industry, due to mass production and developments, has moved towards making solar panels more and more affordable.

We will investigate the factors in detail, but overall, the type of solar panel system you want to get installed, the location of your home or workplace, and the size of the system are three factors that contribute the most to the cost of solar panel installation in Florida.


The type of Solar Panel System

First and foremost, your choice of the system will significantly impact the overall cost. There are a variety of options available in the market, including grid-tie, energy storage, grid-tie solar, and off-grid solar. The cost of each of these solar panels differs. When making a decision, you need to keep in mind that the location of your property and the price range should matter the most.

Once you have identified the primary purpose of installing a solar panel system, depending on your needs, you can then proceed to finalize the kind of system that you want, depending on the features that it has. If you don’t have access to the grid, then you will have to buy an off-grid system, but this will include the cost of batteries.


Location and System Size

The following two factors that contribute the most are location and the size of the system. Depending on the site, the cost is calculated on a per watt basis. For Florida, this cost is usually up to $2.55 per Kilowatt. Next, the charge depends on whether you are buying a 6KW system or a 10 KW system. The higher the KW capacity, the higher will be the price.

One advantage of solar panels installation is that you qualify for a federal solar tax credit. Thus you get a certain percentage of money back that you had previously invested in the structure of your solar panels.


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If you plan to get solar panels installed at home or workplace at reasonable rates without making any sort of compromises on the quality of work, contact us today! At 1 Stop Solar, we believe in carrying out the job thoroughly and ensuring the panels are working efficiently. With ample experience, we have evolved and polished our expertise regarding solar panel installation in Orlando. With lower costs associated with utility bills and an uninterrupted source of electricity, we guarantee that this is the best choice for you!

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