Your solar panels are already saving you a lot of money every month, but are there still ways to save more? About 6% of Florida homes have solar panels, and you may not realize that there’s more potential for savings. When you have solar panels, you can also store the generated energy and use for later, ideally during lower production runs. Read on to find out if you’re using your panels to their full potential, plus where to go for a Florida solar panel company that can get you saving!


Solar Panels 101

If you’re new to the solar panel game, you may wonder how they generate energy in the first place. Solar panels operate when the sunlight hits them, the cells of the panels start producing an electrical current. The electrical current is then converted into electricity for your home, and a net meter will keep track of the usage.


Talk to any Florida solar company, and they’ll tell you the same thing: solar energy is the way to go. Not only does solar keep your house running smoothly with lower utility bills, it’s also great for the environment! It’s cleaner energy than most production plants, which release heavy emissions into the atmosphere, plus you’re using less of the traditional power energy and relying more on solar.


Depending on the amount of sunlight during the day and how much energy you use in your home on a daily basis, being able to store some of this excess electrical currents for later is an even greater feat! Electrical storage has a wide range of benefits beyond just supplying your home with added electricity, including the prevention of brown-outs during peak usage times. Electrical storage also adds more renewable energy to the grid, decreasing or eliminating conventional electrical usage and helping generation facilities run at maximum efficiency, which in turn helps your solar energy.


Solar Panel Company & Storing Energy

The Florida solar company for your new panels may go over the basics of electrical storage with you, but there are actually multiple ways of storing this energy. You can use a hydroelectric pump, where the electricity will pump water to a reservoir. And when the water is released, it flows down to a turbine to produce energy when needed.


In Flywheel acceleration processes, energy is conserved as kinetic rotational energy. When you need energy, a spinning force will turn a generator to produce the electricity you need. Compressed air can also be used for electrical storage. When in a high demand of electrical usage, the compressed air is released and generates electricity through an expansion turbine generator.


Electricity on it’s own produces thermal energy, and you can capture that energy for future use as well. The thermal energy can produce cold water or ice that can be used during the summer months to help keep you cool. Similar to rechargeable batteries we use for our smaller household electronics, there are larger sized batteries used to store electrical energy for later use as well.


Before you start searching for the closest Florida solar company, make sure to do your research on solar panels and energy storage. There are different models of both available and you’ll want to pick the right styles for you and your needs. The hydro electronic pumping mechanism for energy storage is the most popular, accounting for 94% of all the nation’s energy storage!


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