With all the buzz about clean energy circulating today, you may be considering “going green” and outfitting your house or business with solar energy. While a solar panel roof is an icon of modern environmental consciousness, it may not be suitable for all buildings. Before investing in Florida’s best solar panels from 1 Stop Solar, consider whether the roof of your home or office is compatible.


Not Every Roof Can Be A Solar Panel Roof


In theory, today’s photovoltaic (PV) solar power systems are designed for nearly any roof. However, theory differs from practice in a few important ways. First, even the best solar panels are surprisingly heavy, requiring ample structural support. Make sure your roof can support the weight of your panels before you sign up for an installation. If your roof is made of thatch or other makeshift construction – rare, but worth a mention – then more power to you, but not of the solar kind. You’ll need a good, solid roof in sturdy shape, and certainly not a roof that needs replacing for any reason.


You Don’t Need A Flat Roof


A common misconception is that solar panels can be installed only on flat roof styles. Solar panels fit on any sturdy roof, no matter its slope, pitch, or style. It may be easier to install panels on low-pitch or flat roofs due to the wider room in which to work. However, an installation team worth their salt will be able to affix your panels no matter your roof style. You can have solar power if you live in an A-frame house or a chalet; your business can thrive on solar energy, even if it operates under sawtooth skylights. Just make sure that your best solar panels face the direction in which you receive the greatest amount of sunlight year-round.  


Is There Anything Else To Consider?


Maybe you’re not worried about your roof’s pitch, but you wonder whether its material is compatible with solar panels. Again, so long as your roof isn’t made of thatch or similar material, it should be able to support solar panels. Although the most common roofing type among residential buildings is asphalt shingles, you don’t need to worry if your roof comprises tiles made of clay, concrete, or slate. We find that the modern aesthetic of solar panels contrasts nicely with the more traditional, Old-World style of a tiled roof. That is to say, it can be done – and you may especially like the results. Industrial roofs made of metal or rubber are also viable candidates for solar panels. There’s nothing stopping you from joining the green-earth movement and saving your company money on electricity.


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