As both tile roofs and solar panels become more and more popular with homeowners, many worry about the potential risk of leaks. However, when installed properly by a qualified and experienced contractor, solar panels pose no threat to the waterproofing of your tile roof. To learn more about installing solar panels in Florida, contact 1 Stop Solar! You can trust our advice because we are the best in Florida!

Traditional Penetrations Needed for the Installation of Solar Panels

Due to the number of roof penetrations involved, people often worry about the structural integrity of their roof while considering having solar panels installed. However, the roof penetrations involved in the installation process really shouldn’t concern you!

There are two different kinds of penetrations that need to be made when installing solar panels in Florida. The first is a traditional penetration, similar to those required for air ventilation systems. Typically, solar panels will need one of these large penetrations to thread the electrical wiring system through to the attic. Once the wiring is completed, this penetration will be sealed and flashed with a metallic, plastic, or composite part to prevent water from entering. 

Other Types of Penetrations Needed for Solar Panels

Along with the traditional penetration needed for wiring purposes, solar panels also require numerous other penetrations to hold everything together. A typical solar panel installation may require hundreds of penetrations from mounting hardware, like screws and bolts, that penetrate a roof’s underlying waterproofing membrane. Since there are so many of these, this is the part that usually concerns homeowners.

However, tile roofing usually already has hundreds, if not thousands, of these penetrations! They’re typically fastened to the wood decking underneath your roof rather than to the structural trusses themselves. It’s all but impossible for these smaller penetrations to cause a leak when installed correctly by a qualified contractor. While solar panel penetrations are created slightly differently, they’re still done in a way that has a very low risk for leaking.

How Penetrations Are Waterproofed on Tile Roofs

Solar mounts are the first step in solar panel installation. These mounts use either ¼” or 5/16” fasteners, fastened into the structural trusses themselves. To prevent leaks and ease homeowners’ worries, a high-quality sealant is used. It’s first used in the pilot hole, and then in each of the penetrations. A base flashing is then installed over the mount with roofing cement, sealing the flashing to the roof’s waterproofing membrane. 

A top flashing is then installed over the tile, or may even replace the tile. This creates a highly-effective waterproofing system.

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