There are a few signs to look out for when trying to avoid a solar scammer. Con artists will push and try to pressure you into a contract, creating a false sense of immediacy. On the other hand, some companies will not use contracts at all. Any estimates given to you by the company should not be considered a binding contract. If you are seeking a solar company in the Florida area and want to avoid getting duped, read on. 1stopsolar might just have what you’re looking for. 


You want to be sure the company offers multiple financing options. The main ways to pay for solar panels are purchasing, leasing, or loans. Make sure the company allows you to pay in a way that won’t affect your long-term goals. Another thing to look for is whether a company can direct you to factual websites about the tax benefits of installing solar panels. Legitimate companies should be able to back their claims up with figures, while scam artists will often exaggerate the amount you can save. 


Installing solar panels is a long-term commitment, so make sure you undergo that commitment with the right company. When you have the correct company put in your panels, you will see a host of benefits including shrinking your electric bill and reducing your carbon footprint. 


Negotiating Your Contract 

Most customers do not know what to look for when purchasing photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. This might sound like it makes it easier for disreputable companies to prey on unsuspecting consumers. However, taking a few things into consideration can prevent you from being tricked or manipulated.   


If a company is willing to sign a warranty with legal ramifications, they are likely reputable. However, make sure your contract covers what the company says it will. Any contract you sign should be easy to understand, not filled with complex legal jargon. 


You will want to research the company online as well as asking for references from past clients before you engage with them. Don’t agree to a contract until you have looked into at least three solar companies. A good company won’t have anything to hide, and will encourage you to ask questions.


Choose The Right Florida Solar Company And Avoid Scammers is a local solar company with multiple offices in Florida and Puerto Rico. They have over 100 certified engineers ready to serve you efficiently.


Choosing to install solar panels is a decision that comes with lots of benefits for your wallet and the environment. Over a lifetime, you can save between $40-100K. 1stopsolar also offers fixed monthly installments. These allow you to pay over time, and have a determined end date.


Solar panels also increase the value of your home, and protect against power outages. Who wants to be stuck waiting days for the electric company to come when their power blinks? 1stopsolar offers panels for your home and business with $0 up-front. 


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If solar panel installation is right for you, contact 1stopsolar today and avoid solar scammers. Their partnership with local businesses exemplifies their commitment to being one of Florida’s top solar companies. 


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