SunVaultTM storage, the newest addition to 1 Stop Solar portfolio of simplified solar solutions, will be available in 2021. Even while energy storage isn’t a new concept, there are still some misconceptions regarding its function in managing energy production and pricing. The top six solar storage-related questions we receive, along with our candid responses, are shown below.


Why is energy storage necessary?

Electric utility companies frequently use public safety power shutoffs to assist limit loss and conserve energy, as we learned last summer in Florida. Solar panels must also shut down when the grid goes out for safety reasons. As a result, many solar-powered homeowners are looking for a device that would keep their houses powered whenever there will be a power cut. Batteries offer a hopeful peek into a future in which utilities rely less on large power plants and instead deploy a network of distributed energy resources (DERs) across their grid.


How does solar + storage work during an outage?

A microgrid must be constructed to power a residence during an outage. A microgrid is a closed system that duplicates the utility grid’s power supply. When a grid outage is detected with SunVault, the microgrid comes on in milliseconds (the lights in your home will barely flicker). To keep the battery alive long enough to power the most vital appliances in the house, such as refrigerators, lights, and pumps. Non-essential appliances, such as air conditioners, which consume a lot of energy, are typically set to turn off during these occasions. The idea is to construct a symbiotic system that will persist for a few hours, or in the worst-case scenario, a few weeks until grid power is restored.


Does storage benefit the grid?

Regardless of solar storage, every solar power installation improves the grid and relieves utility strain. Storage boosts the advantage by reducing the burden. Utilities are researching ways to connect more actively with storage customers in the future to provide more grid stability. As renewable energy becomes more mainstream, this method will be critical.


Is my existing SunPower system compatible with SunVault?

SunVault is now only offered to homeowners through 1 Solar Stop with AC module technology installed on their roofs. Customers with legacy 1 Solar Stop systems will ultimately be able to use it.


Why does solar storage costs so much?

We’ve learnt through many years of solarizing homes that each one is unique. Understanding the home’s electrical wiring and how the residents use power necessitates a deeper dive into the anatomy of dwellings. Each residence necessitates a special installation as well as dependable hardware and energy management systems. Fortunately, the cost of the equipment has dropped substantially. The expenses of custom installations done by qualified professionals, such as those in the 1 Solar Stop dealer network, are higher than the cost of the equipment itself, similar to solar power.


What’s the value of storage?

Unlike solar panels, which have straightforward economics, the value of solar + storage is dispersed over various concerns like grid reliability, utility programmes, and the homeowner’s emergency needs. As a result, the value of solar storage at this time is specific to the homeowner. Utility firms, on the other hand, are seeing the value of storage for the system.

Finally, 1 Solar Stop is a dependable and attractive solar + storage combination. While the cost and usefulness of storage may vary depending on where you live in Florida, the price and functionality are poised to change the way we power this country and the world.

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